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The Twecckle Tales

There are five Twecckle Tales available on Amazon, for Kindle; please see book descriptions below. Click on the Amazon link, go to books & type in the title/author or look for Twecckle Tales.

Snuffy's Sticky Saga

If you had to shovel snow with bare hands, I don't think you'd like it very much. But if you had to live for six months outside in the snow, with very little food and no clothes on, I don't think you'd like that at all!

Twecckles live outside in the trees; which is fine, they like that, but it had been a very long hard winter and Tweedle the Twecckle was tired, hungry and cold. He wished he could wear a coat like the humans do and couldn't believe his luck when he met a little grey bear called Snuffy, sitting at a little black sewing machine, making clothes.

"I'll make you a coat," Snuffy said. "But first, let's have some hot chocolate and crumpets."

But Twecckles don't eat, because they turn into what they eat, so Snuffy thought it would be safe to give Tweedle some maple syrup... oh dear, he really shouldn't have!

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Fuzzy Bear the Twecckle & the Hamster Ball

Twecckles live in the trees, they take care of their tree and all nature that surrounds them, they don't go to the supermarket, or drive cars! They never use computers, fly planes and they don't sail boats... unless you're a Twecckle called Dorkin.

Dorkin lives beside a huge lake, and it has always been his dream to build a boat, and sail across it to the other side of his world. Then one day his friend, Fuzzy Bear, came to visit and he got his wish. But it really wasn't the way he'd imagined, and it didn't exactly go the way he expected either!

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Toddy's Twecckle Jazz Concert

Toddy is a bear of distinction who loves jazz; not everyone does!

To some, jazz isn't a beautiful sound at all, but when Toddy sang jazz to his garden plants, they loved it and grew strong and healthy.

When Ziggy, the Twecckle, learnt that new plants in the park had been trodden down by children, destroying some, and leaving others damaged, he suggests a jazz concert for the young shoots to see if it will help.

Toddy thinks it's a grand idea, so Ziggy gets lots of other Twecckles to join them and they set off to the park... making a noise is something we can all do, making your noise into something beautiful, is an art.

Product 2

Ryko's Guest in a Box

Ryko has many friends to play with every day, including an unusual Twecckle named Toby, and his faithful dog Huntyr. But he also has other friends living in other parts of the world, and one of them was coming to stay!

She arrived one day in a box! Not a car or a bus, or even a train, but sealed in a box wrapped in brown paper with Ryko's name on it.

From the moment she arrived the place was filled with laughter and energy, but her youthful excitement ended in trouble and it's up to Toby to sort it!

Product 2

Jeremy and the Chocolate Twecckle

Do you like chocolate? Jeremy does. He's eat it for breakfast chopped up in a bowl with chocolate sprinkles on top. He'd have it in a sandwich for lunch and spread it over his potatoes at dinner; if he was allowed!

Jeremy is a bear and lives with his human who takes very good care of him, but doesn't allow him too much chocolate. So Jeremy decides to grow his own chocolate tree!

When he goes to the nearby woods to try out his crazy plan, he doesn't expect to see Twecckles living there; he'd always thought Twecckles were imaginary tree creatures made up by silly humans to keep their kids amused, but here they were, very real, with long straight bodies, leafy hands & feet; they looked like branches with arms and legs, most peculiar.

So what happened to his plan to grow a chocolate tree? Well, ha, you'll have to read inside and see...!


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