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A smile touches your heart...

but a hug reaches the soul


A special, handmade Bear to Treasure

Bears hold a special place in our hearts; some of our earliest childhood memories usually included a loved bear, one dragged everywhere, our comfort & friend. Loathed to part with, they are often found hidden in a box in the attic, and come with us wherever we go... a bears love never fades.

Even as adults, bears still hold a secret corner of our hearts, and today it is not so strange for an adult to buy a bear for themselves; they are no longer just for the children.

By having a bear made for you, it will be totally unique to you, or if it's for a special friend, it will show how much you've thought of them when choosing this gift.

The bears range in size from 9" to 20", (most popular is 14" approx). And depending on which fur is chosen, the prices will range from £35 for a 9" in a short plush fur fabric, up to £300+ for a 20" mohair bear.

Often 14" mohair works out at around £185 or in quality plush fur, around £65.

P & P is on weight & size of bear, usually around £5 for U.K. I do post overseas & can provide estimated costs depending on country.

They all have cotter pin joints, English glass eyes & filled with dense poly fibre to give them some weight. A message can be embroidered in the foot paws; i.e. dates of birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, etc. Or a personal message, (space is limited).

(If you want a special for a child, please note that these are handmade and may not be suitable for young children, especially babies unless it is to commemorate their birth, and not to be placed in a cot due to loose fibres, or to be played with. I can however, replace the glass eyes for safety eyes).

Extras include;


 Music box

 Steel shot for added weight

Clothes (including glasses & hats)

For all, no obligation, enquiries, please message me here

A special order for a special mum.

This 13" bear is made from Schulte, soft, white mohair, and has a message in both paws.