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A smile touches the heart...

but a hug reaches your soul


Unique, hand made, Dinker Bears, Twecckles & other bits!

(More coming soon...working on it)!

 PLEASE NOTE... postage rates are for U.K. only. I will ship anywhere in the world, but please contact me first, for your country's postage rates. Thank you.

Dinker bears are unique to me, you won't find them in the shops, or on line anywhere but here & occasionally on Twitter @sherfordbear. I use plush & mohair, and although a Dinker may be made from the same fur as another, each one is individually hand stitched and they always come out different... I don't make clones, unless specifically requested.


(On multiple orders, extra postage will be refunded) 

 ...are wonderful, friendly little tree creatures. They live in trees & bushes, melding with the branches at night, and coming out in the day to have fun & heal nature. Only the very good, blessed or extremely lucky, will ever see one in the wild!

These are made from different types of plush fur, filled with poly fibre, have safety eyes, cord limbs & felt hands/feet. They are machine stitched for extra strength, & finished by hand. 

Bodies approx. 6". From head to toe approx. 11".

(Postage rate UK, please ask for overseas rates)

(Not suitable for very young children, who tend to put everything in their mouths)!