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A smile touches the heart...

but a hug reaches your soul


The Lookielikie Bears

A small selection of bears made to look like owners dogs

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Your dog in fur, forever.

Someone once asked me if I could make them a bear... but could I make it to look like their dog!

I'm always up for a challenge, so I agreed to have a go.

Since then I've made quite a few...these are just a small selection.

They do take a while to make, but have bought a lot of pleasure to their owners, so worth it.

To make one, I use the basic body of a traditional Sherford Valley Bear, but adapt the head/ears to fit the type of dog. Sometimes I can add different colour fur, depending how easy this is, and use copic marker pens to add shading. I nearly always use Mohair, but sometimes it's too stiff, as with the pekingese above.