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A life lived without books, is no life at all. 


(Special price for the set)

Living within forest glades, wild countryside and undisturbed heathlands you may come across  strange types of creatures you didn't know existed... Dinker Bears!

Dinkers are tiny wild bears that learnt how to talk in the early days of their evolution. They're always getting up to mischief and it's quite surprising that more haven't been caught! (Especially Potter Winkles)! 

But like all wild animals, they're habitat is often spoiled by humans, and in this series of books we follow Bertrum, Potter Winkles, Archie Dobkins, Shylo, and their hug, out of the Sherford Valley for the first time ever, as they muster up the courage to seek the help of a human child, and start on a perilous journey they didn't want. 

Sometimes scary, sometimes funny and sometimes a bit sad, these furry little bundles must find, and settle, somewhere new and safe. The journey isn't an easy one. 

You can join them within the pages of these books, and find out what happens to them.