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Limited edition, signed Books

PLEASE NOTE... postage rates are UK only. I will post anywhere in the world, but please contact me for your country's shipping rates, thank you.

Sherford's Lost Valley - Bertrum's Story

signed edition.

Book one.

Bertrum is a young cub with a big character, and when his home, and that of his hug, is threatened by the development of a new town, It's his idea to seek help from the human child, Kerrys, who's staying at the nearby farmhouse. 

Although some thought this was a stupid idea, he leaves the safety of the wood, and ventures into a world he does not know in the hope that he'll return with a cool plan... he does, but it doesn't go quite the way he expected! (Book one stocks are running low)!

Signed Book 1

Sherford's Lost Valley - The Archie Adventure

signed edition

Book Two

Oh dear, Archie is such a 'snocket', he didn't believe in Bertrum's plan, he thought it was stupid! Now he's been left behind & he's bored, and cross, calling them all stupid 'pugwallers'.

But only days later, his world is tipped upside down, and he realises his arrogance has left him in deep trouble.

Fear and confusion replaces his boredom, as he blindly searches for the others, but it wasn't that easy and everything went against him.

He's faced with danger at every turn... will he ever find them, or is he lost forever!

Book 2 The Archie Adventure

Sherford's Lost Valley - One by One

signed edition

Book Three

Eighteen of the bears that left the valley, continue the dangerous journey to find the forest they think would be perfect as a new home. But being so small proves to be hazardous when a fierce storm washes them away in a mudslide,separating them and taking their leader.

Shylo, the largest bear in the hug, takes over protecting them, and tries his best to get those that are left, to safety.

They are faced with bullying boys, scary dogs, dangerous traffic and conflicts between themselves, it's difficult to believe they will ever succeed.

Book 3 One by One

Sherford's Lost Valley - Rivals

              signed edition

Book Four

Having overcome many dangers, on a journey they did not want, they finally arrive at the forest they'd been looking for, to settle and make a new home. It looked beautiful, lush, dense and green, full of places to hide, but not everything's as they'd hoped!

Farley Chumble, a fierce and aggressive rogue Dinker already lives there... and he's taking prisoners!

Again it's left to Bertrum; what on Earth can he do, he's only a small cub?

In this exciting, final episode, you'll find out what happened!

Book 4 Rivals