We must leave the Dinker Patch and, like the bears, we must find a new home.

Some years ago, the Dinker bears found out a new town would wipe out their home in the quiet & beautiful Sherford Valley, so they had to leave. 

Sad and scared, they sought the help of a human child... and their adventure began!

Dinker bears are tiny, wild bears with the unique ability to talk, although they rarely, if ever, speak to a human, it became very useful on their terrifying journey to find a new home.

Join them on their quest as they battle their way through all sorts of difficulties & discoveries, in the series of four books that chronicle the whole event.

Exciting, sometimes sad, scary & amusing, many have already enjoyed these books available in the store

As for ourselves, our adventure is only just beginning!

Never look to the future for your happiness, grow it under your feet

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Sherford's Lost Valley - the Dinker's Story

A Teddy Bear's virtue is that he cannot love himself...only others.

                            Ted Menton

My bears come in various sizes from little 5" pocket size, to 20" Dinker Wise Ones. Made from mohair or quality plush, they're all fully jointed. 

Not suitable for young children or rough play.


Here in the Sherford Valley, many different bears have been created. Mostly Dinker bears, which are dumpy & cuddlesome with big back paws. And some are more of the classic bear shape. 

The bears have been made in a range in sizes from 5" to 20" and came in different furs from mohair to quality plush, but all were fully jointed, filled with love and came with a certificate.

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 The Twecckles are happy tree creatures that live in trees all over the world. They meld with the trunk, or a branch, at night and pop out in the morning to assist in the healing of nature, sort out squabbles between the wild life and generally enjoy life. BUT...you will only see one if you're very lucky, blessed or very good! 

Five Twecckle Tale adventures have been written so far.

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There are 9 books altogether, 4 about the Dinker Bears and 5 Twecckle Tales. Only the Dinker books are here, but all are available for Kindle on Amazon

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Poddlewinks are furry balls of giggles, that live just below the surface. They pop up like fizzing bubbles in a glass of lemonade and roll around the ground giggling (quietly), stopping every-so-often to 'kiss' a plant stem making it blossom.

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